Friday, June 26, 2009

The King

I remember the first time I saw a Michael Jackson video "Black or White" in std 5 on MTV which used to be aired on DD Metro (if I remember correctly). I remember taking my walkman n recording that sound by keeping the recorder on in front of the TV and playing it over and over again. That was my first introduction to western music, probably even to something American (pre coke, pre pepsi days). I remember asking my Dad for 60 bucks to buy Michael Jackson cassette and just picking up the cassette with "Black or White" on the track list. Dangerous grew on to me and irritated the hell out of my grandparents with me blasting "Jam" on the stereo. My birthday gift that year from my mom was History - the 2 cassette pack with his greatest hits on one and the new album on the other. I remember the euphoria surrounding his concert in Mumbai. MJ posters everywhere, him getting out of his car and playing with chidren selling flowers...even the Western culture bashing Bal Thakarey was a fan!Raj Thakarey followed him like a groupie! And the concert itself...after 2 hours of crooning by Indian popstars, Michael Jackson came out in a space suit like costume from a rocket ship and just stood there soaking in the hysteric screaming by the fans and then rocked us like Bombay was never rocked before...
Michael Jackson was my hero, the greatest performer ever, the voice which introduced me to rock! I still have those cassettes and a VHS tape with all the videos stashed away in a box though I don't have devices that would play either. I guess I'll have to do with my iPod and youtube at the moment, but sure aint the same! RIP MJ, Respect.