Thursday, November 27, 2008

A few thoughts on the terror strike on Mumbai

1. To CNN, FOX, ABC and all American news channels: The terror attack was on India, on Mumbai, not foreign tourists. Yes, a few foreign nationals were sadly targeted but stop making it to be a terror attack on the West.

2. To the Indian media:
a. "Hostage drama" does not describe the situation in Mumbai. It is not a freaking drama, people are dying.
b. It is sad when the NSG chief has to send you a SMS asking you to stop giving details about the operations. The terrorists are watching.
c. Stop glorifying your reporters and photographers, they are not in the middle of a war. Its a misplaced bravery.
d. Stop calling it "our version of 9/11".

3. To the politicians: Stop coming to Mumbai and divert resources to your security. You haven't done anything for the city and have left it to be raped again and again, so don't get your sorry asses to show a "unified front".

4. To Mumbai: Walk on, not in a sense of resignation that no one does anything for us. Walk on, in the spirit of Mumbai. Make yourself heard, show the world that you're just sick of getting hurt again and again.