Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Thanks for the memories

The sun has set on yet another legend, the first of the Kings has fallen (dethroned?). The off-side will be deserted by its God. Will be missed - Glorious cover drives- more elegant than any other batsman in the world, Obnoxious pokes at the swinging ball and even more obnoxious attempts to cope with the rising ball, strides down the track to whack the likes of Murali and co. over mid on -mid off boundary lines, stump-to-stump deliveries lethal in overcast conditions. But will be missed the most...the passion - the ability to look into the eyes of the Aussies and not flintch, bringing that missing bit of aggression into the team and converting the team from a one man army to a potent force. Controversies aside, Ganguly's Indian team were winners. Which other captain can claim 1.beating the Aussies at home after being 1-0 down in the series with a follow on in the 2nd. 2. Winning atleast 1 test match in each of the overseas tours except South Africa. 3. leading a team into a world cup final 4. beating Aussies in their own backyard. Without a doubt, the greatest captain to lead India. Lets give him the honour the 'Prince of Kalkuta' deserves. (need Mr. Boycott or his mum in the Aussie tour...Neo Sports are you listening?). The Indian cricket fan has developed a short memory, but for a change, lets remember the career of the man who changed the face of Indian cricket in the last decade. Saurav Ganguly - you will be missed!