Monday, June 30, 2008

Stray thought

I was reading another Wooster and Jeeves short story and couldn't help wondering if life would have been simple as a Wodehouse novel. I mean wouldn't it be just awesome to live life of the 'idle rich'?Chill out in some club, have countless pegs of whiskey and soda and spend days in the comfort of the country side. The best part of it is however the "engaged to be married" funda so frequently tried by the protagonists of his stories. You see a girl and fall in love at the first sight. You overcome all butterflies in the stomach, formulate a scheme to have her pushed in the lake n then save her and finally go up to her and ask "Wat ho!will you be my wife?" Forget the years of courtship and spending buckets of moolah on dates. A simple yes or no question does the work. If the object of affection replies in an affirmative "Coo!" then all is jolly good. If not, some one will say "tut!" and still everything will turn out fine. Simple as ABC. Boy! I really envy Bertie Wooster!

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