Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sarkar Raj

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead*

To be frank, I wasn't so keen on watching the next installment of the Sarkar series. I had liked Sarkar. I thought it was a decent remake of the Godfather and certainly proved that Abhishek B. can certainly do the thing with his eyes and expressions when cameras are focussed close enough to spot the white anomaly in what is otherwise a what-daddy-would-be-proud-of black stubble. What I didn't like in the movie was just the "Govinda Govinda" soundtrack playing in the background while the actors lipsynched to what one perceived as poor dialogues in the script that were edited out. Besides, too much of the same thing (YRF another guilty party in this celluloid crime) makes a movie goer buy cheap pirated DVDS. The excessive use of the Factory formula of using close-up camera mechanism and giving the backgroud track more prominence than dialogues coupled with the 24/7 news channel's excessive promotion of buy-2-get-1-free Bacchan family pack did dampen one's spirits.

However, dampened spirits or not, one doesn't have much choice if its raining continously when one's vacationing (read- reading the adventures of Bertram Wooster and watching yet another horror movie on DVD). So when a close pal phoned up, off we went to watch Sarkar 2 aka Sarkar Raj with the following expectations which Ram Gopal Varma (Wormaaaa nahi Varma) duly catered to:

1. Microscopic detailing of the wrinkles on Big B's face, extra-smooth-Loreal-she's-worth-the-millions-we-paid-for face of Ash R.B and its-after-all-in-the-genes-damn-the-writer-is-obssessed-with-hypens-in-adjectives angry young man look in the eyes of the Junior B.

2. The aforementioned background "Govinda Govinda" soundtrack played as a tribute to the legendary Virarian, yet to be seen doing a pelvic thrust in a RGV phillum.

3. Tanisha dying in a car bomb blast. Yuss, the Rawle brain anticipated what the other matinee show watchers at Chitra Theatre didn't. Common sense - RGV or no RGV, you cannot have a AbhiAsh movie without a romantic angles between them. Also, the tribute had to be kept pouring to the Mario Puzo classic and what was perceived as a loss of memory on the screenplay writer's part in the first movie was merely an inability to adjust the death of the first wife within the length of the FEquel.

4. A good script (need of the hour after watching dozens of RGV movies post Sarkar) and some bole toh ekdam kadak dialogues.

So far so good. But it got even better. Firstly, Dilip Prabhavalkar (to those not familiar with Marathi television, theatre and movies: the dude who played M.Gandhi in Lage Raho...Munnabhai) as the Gandhian Raosahab was something refreshingly new in the typical RGV starcast. I'm a huge Prabhavalkar fan. The dude is true master of disguise and has delivered stunning performances on TV as well as the movies.

Secondly, deja-vu in the character of the Somji, the angry young leader, who is against the city politicians and businessmen, aka outsiders, setting up a power plant in his matrubhumi. A spectacled young leader, against the Sarkar, seemingly fighting for the cause of Maharashtra-now where have we seen that before?

Finally, what worked for me was the plot twist towards the end. I sure as hell didn't see that one coming. This was some sort of a relief after being subjected to kuch-bhi types plot-twists in movies like Race.

The only disappointing scene in the movie was the one in which Kantilal Woraaa pays a visit to Sarkar and Pushpa Nagare serves him idli sambar. It was a tailor-made comic scene for Supriya Pathak to go overdrive into Hansaben mode and ask "Hello!how are?khaana khaake jaana ho" to the visiting Vora (Woraa). Sadly, RGV's script writers aren't smart enought to think of that and Pushpa Nagare exits the scene dialogueless, as she does throughout the movie.

So, all-in-all, one ends up pretty alright if not satisfied after watching Sarkar 2. With the ending, RGV does keep one guessing if there will be a TEQuel which will showcase the rise of Chiku as the heir to the Sarkar throne and the disputes over the leadership in the Sarkar camp over the citizenship of its current First Lady. Or would Chicku be treacherously plotting the revenge for his fathers death?Will RGV make the casting coup of the century by unveiling Mimoh Chakraborty as Chicku Nagare? With Mrs. Rai-Bacchan as the mother Maharashtra in the next movie, one thing is for certain..."chicku ya audience..koyi toh ek definitely pakne wala hai"


Interval said...

Very few sequels are worth watching, let alone mentioning. After this one, I can't wait for Sarkarni Raj.

'Ek Çhai Lana'

what a beautiful ending. Watch Sarkar Raj at Interval.in:



The Neverknown said...

TEquel, FEquel
lol ^ lol