Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vengurla trip

I was in Konkan and Goa over the weekend and happened to visit a friend's hometown of Vengurla. It is situated in Sindhudurg district, some 522 kilometres from Mumbai. Now I absolutely love the beaches in Konkan and didn't want to miss out the opportunity to visit Sagareshwar, which is located at a place called Ubha Danda, within the town. The Sagareshwar beach is basically a long stretch of silver sand and further extends to the Mochemad beach near Shiroda village.

Like most of the beaches in Konkan, this is named after the Sagareshwar mandir which is situated some 200 metres from the beach. This is quite a beautiful temple of lord Shiva.(Pics to be added soon)

The beach itself is extremely beautiful. Silver sand merging into crystal clear sea water. Now, the MTDC folks warned us not to venture beyond a few metres inside the water as the tides tend to pull the sand into the sea and one tends to lose footing as the water retreats into the ocean. However, we did manage to go in till the water was up to the level of our hips and surprisingly, we could see the sea bed with the naked eye. Like Tarkerli in Malvan, this beach too has potential as far as snorkelling and scuba diving is concerned, but as in the case around Konkan, the natural weath remains totally unexploited.

It really pains to see how little MTDC has done for promoting tourism in this part of the state. We wandered into the MTDC resort near the beach and all we could find were a handful of cottages with trees all around. The rooms itself are priced unreasonably at Rs. 1300 per day with no facilities other than a couple of beds and a bath. No beach shacks, no stalls, just a long stretch of beach. Compared to this, at Malvan, a certain marine biologist Dr. Sarang Kulkarni has taken the initiative to start scuba diving and snorkelling at the Tarkerli beach. He has invested his own time and money to train the locals in scuba diving. This is a good way for the kids to learn about the beautiful flora and fauna in our seas. To further promote tourism in this part of India and attract foreign tourists, Mr. Kulkarni plans to set up an artificial beach in Malvan. If corporates and the government back projects such as these, it will not only do wonders to the economy but also give everyone a chance to enjoy this hidden treasure of nature.


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