Sunday, January 06, 2008


Dear Mr. Andrew Symonds,

First of all, Kudos...not for 16 wins in a row but for your splendid act on Day 2 of the SCG test. Summoning an unsuspecting Bajji, who has been giving nightmares to your Captain (Quote frm Ponting before the Sydney test: "I'm not Bhajji's bunny" ya sure you can say that before the 3rd test again...he wont be there to make you look like a fool), for a brief chat and then accusing the same of racist comments...For the benefit of the readers of this particular letter, let me now tell you what exactly happened on day 2 at SCG.
Symonds: Hey Bhajji, you f@#@$@##@# !!!!!!!
Bhajji: Chup be saale...jaake bowling daal...teri maa ki aankh...
Symonds: What was that?I'm a monkey ass?

So as you can see, Bhajji just made a small offending comment about your mom...nothing racist about it...hope thats alrite with you mayte!And are not getting all those monkey chants because of your race. We, in India dont know what your race is, or for that matter what our race is. We're so busy with our own regionalism and communalism that we dont have time to worry about our race or for that matter even yours. I mean, if Thierry Henry n Ronaldinho ever come to India, we wont abuse them in their game against East Bengal. So why the hell would we racially abuse you?

Let me tell you why...its just because of the way you look. Why dont you just admit that you are one ugly bastard and move on with your game? For starters, stop putting that stupid cream below your lips. Cut your damn hair and then step on the pitch. Maybe my people will start stop making those monkey chants and maybe give you what we call "maa bahen" ki galiyan.

Anyway, monkey?well dont know about that...but I do feel that you look like that predator creature from that Arnold movie...have a look

So I hope that I have cleared the confusion for you. So let me just go back and enjoy a pint of arguably the best beer in the world, and the only good thing about Australia. I'm sincerely hoping that the third test does get played, and the Indians destroy you where you expect them to make a meek surrender. Cheers!

An extremely pissed off Indian Cricket Fan
"Proud to wear blue"

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