Monday, August 13, 2007

youuuuuuu beauuuttttttttttttttyyyyyy!

Ok I know its the first game of the season and the entire world is skeptical about Liverpool's consistency over the entire season blah blah blah...but WAT A FREE KICK! 85th min and liverpool have just conceeded a goal because of a rare handball by Carra. Gerrard is brought down (all those who wanna argue that he "induced" a foul...sod off!) outside the box by Petrov and Liverpool get a free kick. 5 mins from time and Liverpool have an opportunity to set the tone for the season. 3 men around the ball...Gerrard, Alonso and Riise and I'm on the edge of my seat praying "Gerrard...pls God...let it be Gerrard...Riise will shoot it into the 10th row of the stands"...for once, God listened...and Gerrard came up with a stunning freekick that went above John Carew's head into the top right corner...YEAHHHH...yes...yess...yesss!Captain Fantastic does it again!

Finally weekends at home don't seem so boring anymore...long live the Premiership...the best league in the world (for those who say "premiership the best?nyaa...spanish league is the best...its more technical and stylish"...i've got one thing to say...U'RE SHYTE!SOD OFF!)..2 days and we've seen so much already...last touch stunner by Michael Chopra that caused the upset of the weekend...A stunning freekick by Gerrard...Geordies playing the way they should...awesome comeback by Sven Goran Ericsson...Reading getting a point at Old Trafford and a horrendous pass by Jens Lehmann to Mark Healy (of Leeds United fame :( ) to put Fulham up in the 1st minute at the Emirates...Man I'm psyched for this season! EPL rocks!

p.s @theneverknown : when u txd that the son of God is in goal for City...for a min i wondered...waaa?Fowler's kid is old enuf to play in EPL :)?Guess we have only 1 God in common and he bats at no.4 for India...btw since Schmeichel's son is Kasper...doesnt that make him The Holy Spirit?

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The Neverknown said...

good one. just between the two of them, they can form the Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.