Tuesday, August 21, 2007

damn commies!

Its a shame that the most educated politicians in India are Communists. Its a bigger shame that these people are on the verge of bringing down a government just for the heck of it. They say that the Indo-US nuclear deal compromises on the sovereignity of the country and is bringing India closer to the pro-capitalist evil superpower. Ideological differences they call it. Well, Mr. Karat and Mr. Yechury should answer this question. What the hell were you thinking when you supported this government in the first place?Why didn't your obsolete Marxist ideology stop you from supporting a government that is supposed to be DEMOCRATIC? Is "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" theory a base of your ideologies? Give us one instance where communism still works?
The basis on which the nuclear deal might get scrapped is ridiculous. The way I see it, we dont have to sign the NPT, we dont have to put all reactors under international scanner, we can keep our nuclear arsenal, we'll get more weapons and have the US as a major ally for the first time. The Russians, the Japanese, the Aussies and the French have all offered us fuel needed. We might finally get that permanent UN security council membership and have our say in WTO talk. But far more important than any of these is the need to solve the power crisis that our country is facing at the moment. Nuclear energy will be the solution to this crisis and we can get rid off the power cuts once and for all. So if the US is letting India have its cake and eat it too why is the Left bickering so much? Frankly speaking, they haven't done much other than create obstacles in major government initiatives such as the Pension reforms, Labor reforms and the Rural reforms and increasing foreign investment in various sectors. If around 20 states have accepted these reforms, why is the Left still hell bent on creating unnecessary obstacles? I think the Left is just trying to save its interests without looking at the big picture. (a communist cliche...they never see into the future). The labor reforms will hit the unions run by the Left hard. The Left has just panicked and done a very rash thing. Hope we make them pay for it!
If they bring down this government, I don't think that they will be in a position to call the shots after the elections. Bengal hasn't forgotten Nandigram and Singur. Kerala is no longer a Left stronghold. The Congress has done a lousy job in the state elections but they might just get the sympathy vote. I've never been pro Congress but I really feel that the government shouldn't compromise on a vital national issue to appease its allys. Mr. Singh should put his foot down and dare the Left to go ahead with its ultimatum. Maybe we'll get rid of these commies once and for all in the next election.

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