Monday, April 16, 2007

The hitmen

There you have it...Superman has eaten the cake.Not just any cake, but a cake with the tricolor on it. There he was, in one of the hundreds of parties that he's invited to, where he spends 2-3 mins for some kodak (or powershot) moments, cuts a cake or pops the bubbly and leaves. But we have the hitmen ready-sharpshooters with weapons deadlier than kryptonite, well aware of what pastries are going to be served, well instructed by the mafia bosses to shoot Superman when he cuts the cake.
They do their job with ruthless efficiency and by noon next day, Superman's remains hit the front pages of "the best selling newspapers", the trashy afternoon tabloids and the thousands of "best selling regional newspapers". By the end of the day, superman is killed again in the assemblies, in political meets which are marked by the traditional effigy burning ritual. Superman has died, yet again.

One hit per day isn't enough though. They want more. The search starts for another hero to be hit.Someone comes up with the idea- why not the "to be president","the technocrat magnifico","the face of modern india" etc etc. So they head to the huge state-of-the-art campus where the commander in chief is doing what he does the best-inspire the youth. They wait for the interviews...eager to know what the two most brilliant minds in India have to say. But before all that starts, they stand up for the anthem. And there they get their next kill. The instrumental version of the 52 sec. song is played. They ask, why the instrumental version?"the president to be" gives an answer which is interpreted as blasphemous. By the time the sun rises again, some self proclaimed son of the kannadiga soil calls the possible appointment of the technocrat as the President to be a disgrace. Clinical finish again...another hero is killed. A blog written to earn two minutes of cheap publicity by killing one of the countrie's true champions. It is a highly biased, 500 word piece of trash that is politically motivated and without much research,facts or logic aimed at what tabloids do the best...killing icons;the media at work this time isn't a tabloid but instead it is the website of the country's top news channel (atleast for me it was).

Ruthlessly efficient these hitmen...God save those who want to make a difference because these hitmen will stop at nothing to kill their image.

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How true !