Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the thrill

...is missing-at work, at home, in life generally! Stuck at a job where everything is monotonous and doesnt require much use of whats up there. I'm glad to go back home early-again to be stuck in front of the tv watching interns try to figure a way out of the personal mess and have successfull surgeries else get stuck while studying for an entrance exam you work hard for but maybe not hard enough...cos the drive isnt there. The drive is missing cos you arent sure if its the right way ahead for you. I need a job where my skills are used...where my creativity is challenged...where there is a constant thrill...MI-5 can hire me but m not that crazy abt vodka martini n anyway, "the name is Rawle, Abhijeet Rawle" doesnt sound too cool. I guess this why Bond appeals to us...i mean i would kill for a license to kill and sleep with any woman i want. Anyway snapping back to reality, i need a break.N by a break i dont mean mindless partying.Partying is no longer fun...cant get a hangover anymore. What i need a one crazy vacation. A backpacking adventure...in india or abroad..anywhere!Do something different...paraglide/parasail/river-raft/trek..watever...just to bring me back to life. And i wanna do this with some1 who wants to live the thrill that is life...maybe am expecting too much wrt the last one...but the hopeless romantic that i am, hope karne mein kya jaata hai...for the time being m hoping that i get into a mgmt college so that i can quit this job...pack my bags and head for a much needed break!

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Cuckoo said...

One more common trait. Guess what it is? ;)