Monday, December 18, 2006

The day of comebacks

K here I am, back again and on one of the best days of late- a day when you can start believing in justice again, a day when you can start believing knights in blue again, a day when the newspaper headlines talk about the good things in life. Sure, the wily old fox Lalu got acquitted. But that's all right. Lets leave that aside. This is a day to celebrate. Liverpool are back. India are back. The Indian judiciary is back and how! It took years and years for Jessica to get her justice but i guess she can finally rest in peace now. The Delhi High Court has answered to the nation's cry. It has made me strangely reaffirm my faith in the judiciary of this country. Ofcourse, there are thousands of pending cases, hundreds of corrupt judges and lawyers but now, they are under public scrutiny. The nation has woken up. The media is doing what its supposed to do- expose the truth. The politicians are irked by the so called "invasion" by the media. But who cares?? If invading their lives is doing something great for the country then so be it. The media deserves its due credit in influencing public opinion in these high profile cases and hope they can keep up with the good work.
If justice is back, thanks to the media; then so are their favourite whipboys...the men in Blue. It took 15 years and 3 tours to do it but finally we have won a test match in South Africa. They batted with a purpose, bowled with controlled aggression and fielded..well like the South Africans and finally did it! What was good to see was the return of the Prince of Calcutta and the signs of greatness of the Master Blaster. Yes he got out on deliveries he should have left alone, but Sachin Tendulkar is showing signs of yet another comeback. The shuffling across the stumps was no longer there. It was replaced by fluent cover-drives and rock solid front-foot defence. I see a century from the MRF willow (of tendulkar...NOT lara) in the near future (read boxing day test). N yeah, Sreesanth rocks. There couldnt be a better way to shut up a bowler by smashing him for a six and then dancing all the way to the non striker's end. That might not be the greatest of dances but was definetly the funniest shit seen in a test match :)
This has been a great day...we need more of these.


rima said...

good post abhi. been out of touch with cricket completely. whr can i watch the sreesanth dance :)?

Cuckoo said...

Well, I think his dance was good. Ha Ha .. I have seen it at least 25-30 times and I enjoyed his dance, passion and emotions.

I think we two have some common traits. My last post is on cricket as well.