Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mary Jane


She's 21, beautiful and innocent as she walks down the aisle
With a radiant face, twinkling eyes and a mesmerizing smile
They look at her in awe; she's the most beautiful thing in the room
As she walks towards her man, her prince...the world’s luckiest groom

Look into her eyes, they speak a different story, a tale her smile can't tell
Deep inside those twinkling gems is regret, unshed tears for the hand she once held
"If only I had stayed by his side, if only I would have given us a chance", they mourn
"Why my Lord do I still love him",she weeps,"Why do his memories make my heart burn"

With every step that she takes, her mind wanders to the days by the lake
And her body shivers by the thought of his touch, the love that they used to make
His memories still haunt her, for days she hasn't slept
"Lord, help me stop loving him,for the choices I made weren't mine",she wept

She reaches the end of the aisle; it pains to hide the tears with a smile
She looks up at the best man…their eyes meet for one last time
Their eyes speak volumes, its time for some closure, its time to say goodbye
“I do!” she says with a smile on her face, I guess not all love songs rhyme


mairaj zindran said...

I really dont have any other words to describe this. Just Awesome.

Ashmi said...

I never knew this talet of urs.. Awezummmmmmmmm is not the word.. wowwww brilliant