Saturday, September 23, 2006

Neo's dream

Dark have been my dreams these days
I see you falling
Wanna jump off with you...somebody push me into this abyss
Am too scared of drowning

I try to reach you...
But you keep falling further
"Trin!! grab my hand",I scream
"Without you i can't live much longer"

I see reach out
Your fingers touch mine...
I see you smile...makes me wanna live
"I'll save us Trin...we'll be fine"

Your fingers slip away...Damn Smith grabs me up
"Triiiiiiinnnnn!!!", I scream as you let go
I see you hit rock're motionless
I fight this elevation....time never felt so slow

The frame breaks...I wake up screaming
I find myself in your arms
Dark have been my dreams ...scary have been my thoughts
But with you by my side...i'll ride though all the storms

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