Sunday, April 16, 2006


There he is on tv, with the entire nation's eyes on him, defiant as ever having that resolve to get what he wants. He is on a fast this time, what purpose will that serve him other than that extra fat around him getting reduced, only he knows. He is potraying himself to be the messiah of the people of Gujrat, the next iron man. There they are, the people asking him about the dam, about the people getting affected by him and nicely he dodges the questions making illogical references to Kashmiri pundits getting thrown out of their home. The truth is that his fast is without a cause, just to gain political mileage just like he did last time...
There she is in Delhi, fighting for what she has stood for all these years. All she asks is some mercy, all she asks is to dig deep into that dark abyss of their heart and think for those without whom you wont even get a daily meal. She carries on without worrying about her body, her health like she has on countless ocassions for those who are going to be homeless because of the dam's height being raised. This time, she has an unlikely ally, the most talented actor of the Indian cinema, standing by her side, trying to use his charisma and his popularity to turn his nation's attention towards the plight of those getting affected. The media has turned its attention towards him and for a change they are not making a business out of it.
The 'messiah' is stunned with all the media hype. So what does he do?He orders protest against the actor and the mob does the rest. Theatres are vandalised, movies are taken off from movie halls across the state and the actor is accused of trying to get publicity for a movie which had become a superhit 2 months back!The mob is directionless, they do as per what is put in front of their eyes and the messiah walks on with his held high in the false pride that yet again he has prevailed.
Progress is essential, bringing water to the barren lands is essential, giving people a new life is essential, but not at the cost of thousands of innocent lives by rendering them homeless. These are the hands that have built this nation, they have toiled day and night so that we can have a good meal. What will we eat if their lands are taken away from them?How will they make their ends meet?Where will they go?Will they joins millions of others shunned into the slums of the big cities where their future will be even darker?If migration has to be forced on these poor people, then they must be given their just dues. We cant just walk on these thousands to provide a better future for the millions.
I see this cause getting what it deserves. I see her smiling with content that she has realised the dreams of thousands who have stood by her...the time has come, all that we can do is push her on and show the messiah the finger!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

hello ppl

hello ppl...dunno what m goin to do with this blog....dunno if m goin to use it like a diary or keep posting some random thoughts...hopefully i'll pursue this for a long time