Monday, December 18, 2006

The day of comebacks

K here I am, back again and on one of the best days of late- a day when you can start believing in justice again, a day when you can start believing knights in blue again, a day when the newspaper headlines talk about the good things in life. Sure, the wily old fox Lalu got acquitted. But that's all right. Lets leave that aside. This is a day to celebrate. Liverpool are back. India are back. The Indian judiciary is back and how! It took years and years for Jessica to get her justice but i guess she can finally rest in peace now. The Delhi High Court has answered to the nation's cry. It has made me strangely reaffirm my faith in the judiciary of this country. Ofcourse, there are thousands of pending cases, hundreds of corrupt judges and lawyers but now, they are under public scrutiny. The nation has woken up. The media is doing what its supposed to do- expose the truth. The politicians are irked by the so called "invasion" by the media. But who cares?? If invading their lives is doing something great for the country then so be it. The media deserves its due credit in influencing public opinion in these high profile cases and hope they can keep up with the good work.
If justice is back, thanks to the media; then so are their favourite whipboys...the men in Blue. It took 15 years and 3 tours to do it but finally we have won a test match in South Africa. They batted with a purpose, bowled with controlled aggression and fielded..well like the South Africans and finally did it! What was good to see was the return of the Prince of Calcutta and the signs of greatness of the Master Blaster. Yes he got out on deliveries he should have left alone, but Sachin Tendulkar is showing signs of yet another comeback. The shuffling across the stumps was no longer there. It was replaced by fluent cover-drives and rock solid front-foot defence. I see a century from the MRF willow (of tendulkar...NOT lara) in the near future (read boxing day test). N yeah, Sreesanth rocks. There couldnt be a better way to shut up a bowler by smashing him for a six and then dancing all the way to the non striker's end. That might not be the greatest of dances but was definetly the funniest shit seen in a test match :)
This has been a great day...we need more of these.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

My favourite lines/quotes from a literary masterpiece :)

  • Sometimes you love only with hope, sometimes, you cry without tears. Sometimes, thats all that is left, to cling together till the dawn
  • Luck is what happens to people when fate gets tired of waiting
  • When you are sober, It's the world that's f**ked
  • do u love her ?
    Are u in love with her ?
  • Lin:"it is love a person you cannot forgive" Lisa:"Not as bad as to love some one you cannot have"
  • Karla:Happiness is a myth. It was invented to make us buy new things
  • Karla: It's such a huge arrogance, to love someone, and there's too much of it around. There's to much love in the world. Sometimes I think thats what heaven is - a place where everybody's happy because nobody loves anybody else, ever
  • we know who we are and define what we are by references to the people we love and our reasons for loving them
  • Cruelty is a kind of cowardice. Cruel laughter is the way cowards cry when they’r not alone and causing pain is how they grieve
  • A fully mature person has got just two seconds to live
  • The truth is like a bully we all pretend to like it
  • fate always gives you 2 choices, the one u should take and the one u do
  • Karla:the real trick in life is to want nothing, and succeed in getting it.
  • It's a fact of being in love that one often pays no attention whatsoever to the substance of what a lover says while being intoxicated in the ecstasy by the way it is said.
  • u can never tell what people have inside them until u start taking it away, one hope at a time .
  • Some feelings sink so deep into the heart
    that only loneliness can help u find them again.
    Some truths r so painful that only shame can help u live with them.
    Some things r so sad that only our soul can do the crying for it.
  • Its a fool's mistake to be alone with someone you shouldn't have loved
  • Guilt is like the hilt of the knife,
    which we often use on ourselves,
    love is usually the blade,
    but it is the worry which keeps it sharp....
  • the choice that you make between hating and forgiving can become the story of your life---mindblowing line!!
  • I dont know what i fear more,the power that crushes us,or our never ending capacity to endure it.
  • A dream is a place where a wish and a fear meet. When the wish and fear are exactly the same, we call the dream a nightmare.
  • the only thing bigger than the business of big politics is the politics of big business
  • There is nothin as depressing as a good advice.
  • At first, when we truly love someone, our greatest fear is that the loved one will stop loving us. What we should fear and dread is that we won’t stop loving them, even after they are dead and gone.
  • Fate’s way of beating us in a fair fight is to give us warnings that we hear, but never heed
  • Some men like you less,the more they owe you. Some men only really begin to like you when they find themselves in ur debt
  • Every virtuous act has some dark secret in its heart and every risk we take contains a mystery that cant be solved
  • Most of us are tough because theres a kind of toughness found in real sorrow. We’r honest, because the truth of what happened to us wont let us lie..we’r angry because we cant forget the past or forgive it….and we’r lonely
  • If fate does not make you laugh then you just don't get the joke

Friday, October 20, 2006

Rise ye Reds...The Theatre of Dreams awaits

I am a frustrated soul. Why? You may ask. Is it work? Is it the afternoon shifts? Is it the CAT preparations? NO, no and Hell NO!! I’m frustrated because the love of my life, my beloved Liverpool F.C isn’t at the top of the EPL. There is nothing more frustrating then watching a Liverpool side lose to Bolton Wanderers and Everton…wait there is…watching Liverpool draw 1-1 against Blackburn at Anfield. All the hopes that we Reds saw after the Charity Shield seem to fade away every weekend. Goalkeeping blunders and shaky defending by the otherwise awesome defenders have cost a lot. 7 matches played and only 2 cleensheets. Well the stats don’t speak well of the form that the Liverpool back four and Reina are in right now. Fabio Aurellio is still struggling to adjust to the Zonal Marking System. Pepe Reina is in a wretched goalkeeping form. Football pundits are adding to Rafa Benitez’s problems by being overcritical of the squad rotation policy. With these and many more problems galore, Liverpool are traveling this weekend to Old Trafford to meet their greatest rivals - Manchester United

The Red derby is always special-full of passion, hard tackles, tempers flying all around the park and some Man U fans trying to heckle the visiting fans during the chant of the holy mantra-YNWA. I remember Man U fans booing the visiting Glasgow Celtic fans for singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. The feeling is mutual, and the Red Devils are always in for something scarier than hell when they walk down that Anfield tunnel, look at the “THIS IS ANFIELD” signboard that has made many other teams crap in their pants and then walk out on the pitch to face music of the KOP. The venue for this weekend is however The Theatre of Dreams- probably the place to start fulfilling the elusive dream of capturing the Premiership.

For me, this is the make-or-break game of the season for Liverpool. People might say that this is just a game and there is a lot of football to be played. But the outcome of this game will definitely have an impact on the morale of the players. Man U are a team who won’t just beat you, they will make sure that they destroy the iota of confidence that you possess in your abilities. Ask Arsene Wenger and his Arsenal about the night they went 49-0 unbeaten to Old Trafford and came back with their shoulders drooping and haven’t won a title since then. Ask Jose Mourinho…his star studded line up hit a low for a while after their battle against United last season. So, a loss on Sunday would shatter any remaining hopes of bringing back the Premiership to Anfield…but a win could turn the entire season around.

What Liverpool need is inspiration. They need to treat this as the game of their life. It’s going to be a war and they must battle off all the pain that will be inflicted in the 90 mins. They need to bounce back on their feet if they are knocked down, I guess they will be...Rooney hasn’t scored in ages and the signs look ominous. Liverpool need to mark him down. Bring him down hard…that’s the only way to stop the raging bull. Well, if Rooney hasn’t scored, then so hasn’t Stevie G. Liverpool’s General must fire…nah..he will fire. Liverpool need inspiration and Gerrard needs to give just that. The contest will also be a battle of the super subs…Solksjaer and Garcia. Say whatever you want, Luis Garcia is effective. If Gerrard is credited for inspiring the Istanbul and Cardiff comebacks, then Luis Garcia is the guy who made the trip to those cities possible. I hope he has some role to play in this contest because he lives for big match situations.

Whatever, it’s going to be a treat to soccer fans as usual, and a Reds win will change their fortunes for the season. As usual, I shall be on the edge of my seat…ready to jump off in ecstasy when Riise, Gerrard, Kuyt, Alonso and company thump in one of their trademark bolters. As a true red, I’ll make sure that they won’t walk alone :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mary Jane


She's 21, beautiful and innocent as she walks down the aisle
With a radiant face, twinkling eyes and a mesmerizing smile
They look at her in awe; she's the most beautiful thing in the room
As she walks towards her man, her prince...the world’s luckiest groom

Look into her eyes, they speak a different story, a tale her smile can't tell
Deep inside those twinkling gems is regret, unshed tears for the hand she once held
"If only I had stayed by his side, if only I would have given us a chance", they mourn
"Why my Lord do I still love him",she weeps,"Why do his memories make my heart burn"

With every step that she takes, her mind wanders to the days by the lake
And her body shivers by the thought of his touch, the love that they used to make
His memories still haunt her, for days she hasn't slept
"Lord, help me stop loving him,for the choices I made weren't mine",she wept

She reaches the end of the aisle; it pains to hide the tears with a smile
She looks up at the best man…their eyes meet for one last time
Their eyes speak volumes, its time for some closure, its time to say goodbye
“I do!” she says with a smile on her face, I guess not all love songs rhyme

Sunday, September 24, 2006


"Jab mein chotta baccha tha
Badi shararat karta tha
Meri shararat pakdi jaatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Tab roshan hota tha Bajaj"
Well I'm quoting this jingle for 2 reasons:
1> to remind u of the beating that you used to get from your mom after getting a pasting from that smelly brat in your colony
2> to remind you of much simpler times...before the invasion of internet and cable tv in your life...when Ruffles and Mcdonald's were never heard of...when the "Goldspot factory" used to actually make "Goldspot"...when returning NRIs used to get cans of coke n fanta as gifts (cheap bastards) and when the coolest toy you owned was that stupid brick game.
So guys, I'm taking y'all on a trip down the memory lane as I try to recollect some of the stuff that we watched on TV (doordarshan who??) ate, drank n the cool toys we played I go...

Stuff Lost In Time 1 : The Giant Robot
Remember the giagantic papier mache guy??Probably the coolest superhero that we had when we grew up watching Doordarshan. This show was about a kickass dumb flying robot which was controlled by a Japanese kid called Johny Sokko.Certainly the best Japanese imports on the Indian television and can beat all the current detergent serials hands down as far as good entertainment is concerned.The story went something like this...there is this evil emperor who owns a robot which is hidden on some island. Our hero, Johny Sokko is a member of a super cool peace keeping orgarnisation called the UNICORN whose plane crashes one day on this island. Somehow he manages to get hold of this cool watch which doubles up as a voice command remote control thingy which controls the robot. Now since Sokko is the first dude to speak into that watch, the dumbass robot obeys him only. Now obviously the emperor is pissed off and in every episode he makes a new robot n sends it to destroy our Giant Robot. Now our kid Sokko has to make the Giant Robot kick the evil robot's ass by commanding the robot to move his limbs,punch, kick, use lasers coming out of his eyes, fire missiles from his fingers and other cool shit like that. Our Giant Robot doesn't have an iota of AI (remember Shakey the robot from AI sem 7 :P ??) and has to obey master Sokko and save himself and also the mankind.
The show lacked any sort of 3D animation and most of the fight scenes seemed to be cut-pasted from earlier episodes. The scenes in which the kids flew using their jet packs were shot by making the kids raise their hands in the air,move the camera horizontally and edit off their bodies below their torso. But watever, it was the coolest thing on TV...every evening 5:30-6 we used to take a break from cricket and watch the robot kick some evil ass. I remember being gutted the day they took it off the air...I also remember throwing a tantrum for a giant robot toy and asking my dad where the hell the remote was when he got me a small car which doubled up as a robot....Giant robot...YOU ROCK!!!

Stuff lost in time 2: He-man and the masters of the universe

The most beloved of the super hero community. This was a story about a certain prince Adam and his kingdom's fight against the evil lord Skeletor. Our prince Adam was blessed by the sorceress of castle Grayskull and was given a sword which gave him super powers. The other characters included his dad King Randor,his meek catlike thingy Cringor, Man-at-arms, Orko (whatever he/she/it was) and my favourite-Teela. Teela was probably our first introduction to a hot chick n was probably the hotting thing on Doordarshan...uh she might still be the hottest chick on Doordarshan. Anyway every episode had our quintessentially evil lord creating some problem and our super-hero drawing out his sword to become He Man. My favourite part was the metamorphosis of Adam to He Man and Cringor to Battle Cat. It went something like this...First our hero would take out the sword and raise it high...then suddenly out of nowhere you would see a castle...then the background music would start..."Ta tata tatatatata tatatatata ta ta...HE MAN!!"...then Adam would scream,"I HAVE THE POWERS!!!" and then he would get converted into He Man and all the ass kicking would start. Every episode ended with one of the characters analyzing the episode n teaching the kids about the lessons to be learnt.

Stuff lost in time 3: Fusen gum

Absolutely the tastiest bubble gum of them was so freaking soft. Imagine someone swapping Alex Ferguson's Spearmint with Fusen Gum...the guy would totally lose it. Picture Fergie calling up Rooney for some instructions..."Roon i want you to chase down the defen....umm fuck!! this chewing gum is so soft...fuck the freakin try this gum" (btw Liverpool rocks..."You'll Never Walk Alone" :P) was that soft.All kids I knew learnt to blow a bubble with Fusen because it was so soft that it would easily slide over the tongue. The best part was that it came with a tattoo. It was damn simple to use...all you had to do was apply water to your hand and stick the tattoo on it besides having a non hairy hand. I tried really hard but never got the pink and blue tattoo right. Anyway, wat else do you expect from a 1 Re. gum??

Stuff lost in time 4: Pepsi cola
Well not exactly a cocktail of two soft drinks. This was a cheap orange juice which was frozen and packaged in slim plastic bags.All you had to do was make a small hole in the bag and suck on it. It was very yummy and also the root cause of intestinal diseases in kids. My adventures with pepsi cola ended the day my mom was convinced that my jaundice and other tummy problems not worth mentioning had originated from this small seemingly harmless drink.

Stuff lost in time 5: Peppy
If you can't eat just one pack of Ruffles then probably you wouldn't stop eating Peppy. This was a tomato flavoured wheel like stuff which you could really savour. I mean you could try eating the outer ring and show off a star of the remaining sticks, or you could put one in your mouth n roll it on your tongue...never had so much fun eating chips (gee...i love my food, don't I??)

Stuff lost in time 6: The VCR
Acronym for Video Cassette Recorder. It can now be found in some pre-historic display section in museums. Owning a VCR made you the coolest kid around simply because then it was assumed by other kids that you had an awesome collection of Tom & Jerry and Droopy. It was owning an X Box 360. The most annoying part of this device was its stupid head which required constant cleaning else your video would have some annoying distortions. I still have a couple of Tom and Jerry tapes. If any noble soul can lend me a VCR please mail me

Well I could go on and on about more stuff from the past but I guess my purpose here is served.I'll let Orko give the finishing touches.
"Well kids, today we saw how Abhi gets high after a quart of Old Monk.Neway,what he wanted to do was to remind you of the days when having fun was not about clubbing or owning an I-Pod or spending hours chatting on cell phones or the internet. There was a lot of fun in the simplest of things that we saw and did. Its always something special to go down that memory lane....Till next time....Adios!!"

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Neo's dream

Dark have been my dreams these days
I see you falling
Wanna jump off with you...somebody push me into this abyss
Am too scared of drowning

I try to reach you...
But you keep falling further
"Trin!! grab my hand",I scream
"Without you i can't live much longer"

I see reach out
Your fingers touch mine...
I see you smile...makes me wanna live
"I'll save us Trin...we'll be fine"

Your fingers slip away...Damn Smith grabs me up
"Triiiiiiinnnnn!!!", I scream as you let go
I see you hit rock're motionless
I fight this elevation....time never felt so slow

The frame breaks...I wake up screaming
I find myself in your arms
Dark have been my dreams ...scary have been my thoughts
But with you by my side...i'll ride though all the storms

Friday, September 22, 2006

If only ...

If only you could read my mind
You would see the pain inside...
If only I could give you my heart
You would hear it beat for you
Only one else but you

And if only you could have my senses
You'd feel your sweet scent linger in my every breath
You'd hear you laugh away all my fears
You would see your lovely smile ...your sweet baby face
You'd see my world full of love for love only for you

And if only I could change your mind
And if only you'd say you were mine
& Take these thorns off my heart
& Wrap it with a tourniquet of your love
Your love ... all I ask for is your love

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Legends live forever

"Image is everything", he said. Little did Andre Agassi know back then that all the fame,all the spotlight... all that he had earned in a short span would be his greatest enemy, that he would drop from being the no 1 in the world to a lowly 140. Wat he also didnt know was that he would make the mother of all comebacks and would retire to a standing ovation by 50000 odd fans at the Flushing Meadows. His last match was an emotional one. As he waited on the baseline ready to face the last serve of his career, the emotions started building up. The thought that this is it...this is the end started sinking in and tears rolled down his cheeks.The crowd cheered their gladiator for one last time.So did millions at home watching TV. His return hit the net and it was all over. An era ended.

Well he did it all...the only player to win all grand slams something which his greatest nemesis and one of the best in the world Pistol Pete couldnt. Oh yeah n he has an Olympic gold to add to that as well. Something which no other tennis player has done. And he did all that with style. People will remember him for his awesome backhand returns, his terrific groundstrokes from the baseline and his ever changing look. From the rockstar look and the brat attitude to the days of the goatee and finally to his matured 30's look, Andre always made a style statement. Oh ya and he married one of the hottest movie stars n one of the most beautiful tennis players. How many men can claim to do all that?

My best memories of Andre are the duels that he had with Pete Sampras. Sampras-Agassi matches were always fans would never miss their clashes. A hard hitting baseliner against a serve and volley specialists. Sampras's awesome serves and Agassi's precise returns brought out the best that tennis had to offer. Those gruelling five setters were a treat for any tennis lover and in the end it didnt matter who won cos it was hard to choose a favourite between the two. Their rivalry cannot be bettered.

Andre Agassi is an icon. Tennis has moved into its Federer-Nadal-Roddick era but coaches across the world tell the little kids aspring to be huge stars to "Hit it like Andre!"...i guess Legends live forever.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


There he is on tv, with the entire nation's eyes on him, defiant as ever having that resolve to get what he wants. He is on a fast this time, what purpose will that serve him other than that extra fat around him getting reduced, only he knows. He is potraying himself to be the messiah of the people of Gujrat, the next iron man. There they are, the people asking him about the dam, about the people getting affected by him and nicely he dodges the questions making illogical references to Kashmiri pundits getting thrown out of their home. The truth is that his fast is without a cause, just to gain political mileage just like he did last time...
There she is in Delhi, fighting for what she has stood for all these years. All she asks is some mercy, all she asks is to dig deep into that dark abyss of their heart and think for those without whom you wont even get a daily meal. She carries on without worrying about her body, her health like she has on countless ocassions for those who are going to be homeless because of the dam's height being raised. This time, she has an unlikely ally, the most talented actor of the Indian cinema, standing by her side, trying to use his charisma and his popularity to turn his nation's attention towards the plight of those getting affected. The media has turned its attention towards him and for a change they are not making a business out of it.
The 'messiah' is stunned with all the media hype. So what does he do?He orders protest against the actor and the mob does the rest. Theatres are vandalised, movies are taken off from movie halls across the state and the actor is accused of trying to get publicity for a movie which had become a superhit 2 months back!The mob is directionless, they do as per what is put in front of their eyes and the messiah walks on with his held high in the false pride that yet again he has prevailed.
Progress is essential, bringing water to the barren lands is essential, giving people a new life is essential, but not at the cost of thousands of innocent lives by rendering them homeless. These are the hands that have built this nation, they have toiled day and night so that we can have a good meal. What will we eat if their lands are taken away from them?How will they make their ends meet?Where will they go?Will they joins millions of others shunned into the slums of the big cities where their future will be even darker?If migration has to be forced on these poor people, then they must be given their just dues. We cant just walk on these thousands to provide a better future for the millions.
I see this cause getting what it deserves. I see her smiling with content that she has realised the dreams of thousands who have stood by her...the time has come, all that we can do is push her on and show the messiah the finger!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

hello ppl

hello ppl...dunno what m goin to do with this blog....dunno if m goin to use it like a diary or keep posting some random thoughts...hopefully i'll pursue this for a long time