Friday, June 26, 2009

The King

I remember the first time I saw a Michael Jackson video "Black or White" in std 5 on MTV which used to be aired on DD Metro (if I remember correctly). I remember taking my walkman n recording that sound by keeping the recorder on in front of the TV and playing it over and over again. That was my first introduction to western music, probably even to something American (pre coke, pre pepsi days). I remember asking my Dad for 60 bucks to buy Michael Jackson cassette and just picking up the cassette with "Black or White" on the track list. Dangerous grew on to me and irritated the hell out of my grandparents with me blasting "Jam" on the stereo. My birthday gift that year from my mom was History - the 2 cassette pack with his greatest hits on one and the new album on the other. I remember the euphoria surrounding his concert in Mumbai. MJ posters everywhere, him getting out of his car and playing with chidren selling flowers...even the Western culture bashing Bal Thakarey was a fan!Raj Thakarey followed him like a groupie! And the concert itself...after 2 hours of crooning by Indian popstars, Michael Jackson came out in a space suit like costume from a rocket ship and just stood there soaking in the hysteric screaming by the fans and then rocked us like Bombay was never rocked before...
Michael Jackson was my hero, the greatest performer ever, the voice which introduced me to rock! I still have those cassettes and a VHS tape with all the videos stashed away in a box though I don't have devices that would play either. I guess I'll have to do with my iPod and youtube at the moment, but sure aint the same! RIP MJ, Respect.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Where do we go from here

Now is the time to see if we're alone in the war against terrorism. Often, we've backtracked from our stand of taking definite action against terror, bowing down to international pressure. I believe that this is the best opportunity to stamp out terrorism and the naxalites from the country. Put pressure on Pakistan by taking US help to hand over Dawood, Masood Azhar. Make Pakistan destroy terrorist camps NOW! This is the time to test the US's commitment to its "strategic ally in the war against terrorism". If no one is willing to help, then bow before no one, forget the consequences and hunt down the terrorist camps across the border. We have concrete evidence, lets go get them. Its time to make a statement that we will do whatever it takes to protect our country. Stop letting down the armed forces, stop letting down the public.

Indian media:
Stop being overdramatic, people are sick of y'all! Barkha Datt in Kargil war 1999 isn't the same Barkha Datt today. She's over dramatic, pretentious, treats news reporting as a business. Here's my last image of Barkha Datt: Outside a BEST bus with NSG commandos in it. People standing outside. She says, "We see people saluting the real heroes, shaking hands." - thats the cue for the people to shake hands with the NSG commandos. Looks fake, looks staged. Same can be said about IBN which is just insensitive to the hostages as well as the men who're tasked with saving lives of hundreds stuck inside. The last thing a commando or a cop wants is a pesky journalist looking for sound bites when the lives of hundreds is at stake. Shoddy journalism. This is the last mention of the Indian media on this blog, because they're only going to get worse.

Needs a renaissance, and needs it NOW! The image that remains in our mind is of a 18-24 yr old with a Kalashnikow in his hand, firing at will with a smile on his face, probably his last smile. The terror threat is not going to go away till people are getting brainwashed in institutions like Wahabbi Madarassas. All islamic nations, including India which has a huge Muslim population need to revisit education in Madarassas to make sure that children are given the right message from the Holy Quoran. The US needs to make sure that for every terrorist camp they flush out from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, they set up schools for children without forcing their culture and make sure that the radicals dont brainwash innocent minds.

The West:
Try to realise the logic behind the terror attack. It was aimed at destabalizing India by attacking the financial capital. Jews and foreigners were the means to hurt a nation that is growing. If you have the doubt in your mind that India is probably as worse as its neighbour in terms of security, then you've let the terrorists successfully achieve their mission goal. Think about this the next time you want to invest in India - is India really as unstable as it has been projected by this terror attack? Did you pull out all money out of the US after 9/11 or stop investing in the UK after the London train bombings?

Lastly, I want to urge the Indian government to create a giant-ass pointed finger in the Arabian sea to show the West where the epicentre of terrorism exists. Clearly, they haven't realised it yet if channels like CNN are to be believed.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A few thoughts on the terror strike on Mumbai

1. To CNN, FOX, ABC and all American news channels: The terror attack was on India, on Mumbai, not foreign tourists. Yes, a few foreign nationals were sadly targeted but stop making it to be a terror attack on the West.

2. To the Indian media:
a. "Hostage drama" does not describe the situation in Mumbai. It is not a freaking drama, people are dying.
b. It is sad when the NSG chief has to send you a SMS asking you to stop giving details about the operations. The terrorists are watching.
c. Stop glorifying your reporters and photographers, they are not in the middle of a war. Its a misplaced bravery.
d. Stop calling it "our version of 9/11".

3. To the politicians: Stop coming to Mumbai and divert resources to your security. You haven't done anything for the city and have left it to be raped again and again, so don't get your sorry asses to show a "unified front".

4. To Mumbai: Walk on, not in a sense of resignation that no one does anything for us. Walk on, in the spirit of Mumbai. Make yourself heard, show the world that you're just sick of getting hurt again and again.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Thanks for the memories

The sun has set on yet another legend, the first of the Kings has fallen (dethroned?). The off-side will be deserted by its God. Will be missed - Glorious cover drives- more elegant than any other batsman in the world, Obnoxious pokes at the swinging ball and even more obnoxious attempts to cope with the rising ball, strides down the track to whack the likes of Murali and co. over mid on -mid off boundary lines, stump-to-stump deliveries lethal in overcast conditions. But will be missed the most...the passion - the ability to look into the eyes of the Aussies and not flintch, bringing that missing bit of aggression into the team and converting the team from a one man army to a potent force. Controversies aside, Ganguly's Indian team were winners. Which other captain can claim 1.beating the Aussies at home after being 1-0 down in the series with a follow on in the 2nd. 2. Winning atleast 1 test match in each of the overseas tours except South Africa. 3. leading a team into a world cup final 4. beating Aussies in their own backyard. Without a doubt, the greatest captain to lead India. Lets give him the honour the 'Prince of Kalkuta' deserves. (need Mr. Boycott or his mum in the Aussie tour...Neo Sports are you listening?). The Indian cricket fan has developed a short memory, but for a change, lets remember the career of the man who changed the face of Indian cricket in the last decade. Saurav Ganguly - you will be missed!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Awesome feeling to watch the Indian flag flanked by the Chinese and the Finnish ones...Kudos to Abhinav Bindra for answering all those who asked "Bindra who?".Olympic gold baby!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008

Stray thought

I was reading another Wooster and Jeeves short story and couldn't help wondering if life would have been simple as a Wodehouse novel. I mean wouldn't it be just awesome to live life of the 'idle rich'?Chill out in some club, have countless pegs of whiskey and soda and spend days in the comfort of the country side. The best part of it is however the "engaged to be married" funda so frequently tried by the protagonists of his stories. You see a girl and fall in love at the first sight. You overcome all butterflies in the stomach, formulate a scheme to have her pushed in the lake n then save her and finally go up to her and ask "Wat ho!will you be my wife?" Forget the years of courtship and spending buckets of moolah on dates. A simple yes or no question does the work. If the object of affection replies in an affirmative "Coo!" then all is jolly good. If not, some one will say "tut!" and still everything will turn out fine. Simple as ABC. Boy! I really envy Bertie Wooster!